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Triangle Movers is a full-service company that can handle your entire move, from packing to unpacking. No matter the situation, we’ll work with you to customize a move that works for you, your family and your budget.

A certified moving professional will discuss options and costs with you during a free in-home estimate of your moving needs.


Moving is more than transporting belongings. There are treasures to consider that must be handled with care. Triangle can provide you with three options to meet your packing needs.

1. Full-service packing: A team of experienced professionals will pack your entire house, from the contents of your basement to your fine china. Our employees use only the highest-quality materials, ensuring your belongings make it to your destination in the condition they left. For particularly fragile or difficult-to-transport items, Triangle will custom design crates or other shipping solutions.

2. Partial packing: Triangle can pack your most fragile items, such as dishes, stemware, and glass tabletops, and provide you with the advice and supplies you need to do the rest.

3. Self-packing: If you’d rather pack yourself, Triangle can provide you with the boxes, packing paper and other materials you need. And our experienced, knowledgeable staff is always available to offer tips and answer questions.


Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, Triangle is the right choice. We take the same pride in every job, big or small.


If you want to get settled fast, let Triangle arrange to have your belongings unpacked. For local moves, Triangle’s own reliable employees will have your boxes emptied and removed – and your new house feel like home – in no time. For long-distance moves, we’ll work with Bekins Van Lines to provide professional, certified movers at your destination to give you the same first-class treatment.

Packing Material

Carton Type
Carton Price (self-pack)
Packing Labor (additional)

Dish Carton

18 X 18 X 28


Breakable items such as dishes, glasses, lamp bases, small pictures, audio-visual equipment.

Small Carton


17 X 13 X 13

Small heavy items: books, albums, canned foods, hand tools, liquor bottles, VCR tapes, etc.

Medium Carton


18 X 18 X 16

Non-Fragile medium weight items: pots, pans, games, folded clothing, sheets, linens, shoes, purses, etc.

Large Carton


18 X 24 X 18

Light bulky articles: pillows, blankets, lamp shades, toys, games, plastics, etc.



24 X 21 X 48

Equipped with a metal bar so that clothes may hang naturally.

Mirror Carton


Expands to 36 X 50

Narrow carton which adjusts in length and width to contain different size mirrors, pictures or glass tops.



25 lbs.

Clean new white paper used to wrap and pad breakable items. This prevents the stains that regular newsprint can leave.
Tape to seal the cartons. One roll will normally seal 10 – 15 cartons.


Orders of $50 or more receive FREE DELIVERY!

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Did you know...?

Are there items you can’t move?

There are certain items that cannot moved in moving trucks. Those items include:

  • Combustible Liquids (rubbing alcohol, antifreeze, cleaning materials, etc.)
  • Corrosive Liquids (Acid, Bleach, etc.)
  • Explosives (Fireworks, Ammunition, Dynamite, etc.)
  • Flammables (Aerosol Cans, Gasoline, Kerosene, Ammonia, Propane, etc.)
  • Food Items (Nothing perishable, subject to freezing, or sold in a bag or box)
  • Plants (No live plants or soil)
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