Best Apps for Moving

Ever since modern cell phones began hitting the market, they immediately began changing our lives. For the first time ever, a person could have a phonebook, computer, planner, calendar and so much more, right in their pocket. Now, there’s an app for just about everything and they all aim to make our lives just a little bit easier and more convenient.

With the apps on the market now, even moving can be efficient and easy. We now have apps that can help you store moving checklists, find important services and they can even help you pack. We’ve put together a list of three apps that are perfect for helping you easily complete your move. Not every app on our list is available on both iPhone and Android devices. But don’t worry, they all have desktop applications or websites affiliated with them, so they can be accessed on any PC, Mac, tablet or laptop.

Walkscore (Android, iPhone)

Walk Score App Logo

This app is aimed at cutting down the time and effort it takes to find a new place in a new city, and at helping you get acclimated by showing you what there is to do around the area you are moving too. All you need to do is search for a specific city, neighborhood or address and it will show you housing prices and available rentals in the area. Once you’ve found a new home, you can use the app to show nearby bars, restaurants and shops. It even lists what attractions are within walking, biking or close driving distance and the types of public transportation available.

Pro Referral (Android, iPhone)

Pro Referral

Pro Referral, powered by Home Depot, is a great tool for finding professional services in an area you just moved to. This app is a life saver just after moving to a new area, since you’re probably unfamiliar with the local businesses. All you need to do is enter your zip code and your service request or question, it’s that simple. Within 24 hours, you’ll be contacted by a select, pre-vetted, professional. Your pro will provide guided assistance, pricing quotes, if possible, and product recommendations. It’s then up to whether you want to hire the pro or use their advice for a DIY fix. If you want, you can even provide pictures of the work needed so that your chosen service professionals know exactly what to expect.

Boxmeup (Android only)

Boxmeup App Logo

Boxemup is all about cutting down on packing time and making it easier to find things once you’ve moved in. First, you create a “container” and list the things you’re going to put in the moving box that it represents. Then, use the app to print out the QR code label for that container and place it on the moving box. Once you’ve moved in, you can scan each box’s label to bring up its container list.  This lets you immediately take each moving box to the room it belongs in, without even opening it up, where it can stay until your ready to unpack it. Taking the time and stress out of packing will make your move go a lot more smoothly.

Each of these apps is available to use for free, making it that much easier to take advantage of them. You’ll likely have your phone on you during your move, so why not use it to help make moving easy?