7 Tips for Packing Your Clothes

For many people, the clothing they own is one of the biggest things to consider while moving. With so many different types of clothing, it helps to have a plan of organization when taking on the task of packing your wardrobe. The movers at Triangle know many effective methods for packing articles of clothing. In an effort to help you prepare for your next move, here are a few guidelines to consider while packing your clothes to make their journey to their new home an easy one.

  1. Labeling

    As should be done with almost everything you own, it’s important to label every box of clothing once you’ve finished packing them. Either on the box or a white label, write in large letters what is in each box and what room they’ll be unpacked in. This will allow your movers to unload your boxes more quickly with clear instructions on where to place everything in your new home while saving time.

  2. Seasonal Organization

    The most useful way to arrange your clothes while packing is by sorting them seasonally. Chances are, if you’re moving during a warmer part of the year, you don’t need to have your winter boots or sweaters in close reach. Organizing your clothes by season helps minimize unpacking when you arrive at your new location since you’ll have everything you need for the season in  boxes that are separate from the others.

  3. Clear As You Go

    Have you ever looked in your closet at the clutter of old clothes and thought “I really need to get rid of these sometime.” One of the best things about moving is that it gives you the opportunity to finally sort through items you no longer need. So while you begin to clear out each section of clothes, keep two separate boxes or bags to put unwanted articles in. One can be for clothes that are damaged or worn, and another can be for clothes that you simply don’t want anymore. Upon request, there’s a good chance that your moving company can take your unwanted clothes and either discard them or give them to a donation group.

  4. Keep Them In Place

    If you have drawers or dressers that you keep your clothes in, a good method of packing them is to simply keep them where they are. Since many clothes are lightweight, it’s still easy for movers to handle furniture with clothes inside of them. Furthermore, doing this saves on time by having the clothes moved to the intended room while still in their desired container.

  5. Packing Materials

    Aside from moving boxes, larger groups of clothing can be packed in plastic garbage bags. By keeping articles in a stronghold bag, you can save time from not having to specifically organize them. Sealable bags and vacuum bags work well for compressing larger groups of clothes for stacking.   For clothes kept on hangers, it’s suggested that you use wardrobe boxes that come with a bar for hanging shirts, suits, pants and ties. You can also place shoes at the bottom of these boxes to save space.

  6. Wear What You’ll Need

    Make sure you are wearing clothes that are comfortable to move around in on moving day. They should be lightweight and durable so that you can work outside or inside without having to worry about damaging them or yourself.

  7. Disinfect

    It’s important to keep your clothes as clean as possible while moving. Before sealing up your clothes, spray them lightly with a disinfectant to keep them clean and fresh scented while they travel. It might also be a good idea to use bug spray on the outside of your boxes and bags to ensure that they are protected from insects during the warmer months.

With these points in mind, you’ll find that packing your clothes for moving can be both easy and productive when using the right tools and methods. And for tasks that require more knowledge and experience, the experts at Triangle Movers are here to make the rest of your move go just as smoothly.