5 Ways to Save on Your Move

    • Timing is Everything – Summertime is usually the busiest and therefore the most expensive time to move. If possible, wait until it’s a little closer to the winter to move because as the temperature drops, so too will the cost of moving packages. Moving companies will begin to offer more deals on their services. If you must move during the summer, make sure you compare the pricing of several professional moving companies.


    • Hire Pros – Many people assume that hiring movers is expensive, but professionals are almost always more cost efficient than friends and family when it comes to getting the job done. Professional movers are fast, experienced, they have the right equipment and are less likely to lose or damage items during a move.


    • Ask for Help – Don’t forget to ask parents, friends and/or colleagues for help. Chances are, those close to you will want to help out. Friends and family can help pack, gather supplies or babysit while you take care of all the planning that goes along with moving. It’s vital to use the resources available to you and that includes the people who know and care about you.


    • The Dollar Store – You probably shouldn’t buy everything you need from the dollar store, but for items such as cleaning supplies, paper towel, toothpaste and similar items, it’s perfect. This is especially true of the cleaners since many of the chemical compounds in them – particularly all-purpose ones – are very similar. The “knock-off” dollar store version of cleaners are going to give you about the same performance as name brands, so save yourself some cash.


    • Couponing – If you don’t already, remember to clip (or print out) coupons before you move. Couponing can be time consuming, but we’ve had customers tell us that they literally save hundreds each month by doing it. Sometimes, coupon websites, like coupons.com, will use your location or let you enter a zip code to search for coupons in a certain area. This way, your initial shopping trip in a new city or town doesn’t have to be expensive.


Whether your moving locally or long distance, your move doesn’t have to break the bank. As long as you follow these simple steps and plan ahead, you will have a stress-free move. For more advice, our blog is regularly updated with moving and packing tips.