How Your Move Can Be Eco-Friendly

When your planning a local or long distance move, you usually have a lot of different things on your mind. Coordinating with a moving company, gathering packing supplies and organizing your home, all of these things take time, effort and energy. So it’s easy to see how someone might overlook the potential environmental impact of a move. No need to feel guilty though, lowering the environmental impact of your move can be very simple. With just three easy steps, you can have a green, stress-free move.

  1. Use What You Already Have

    This is one of the best ways to start packing. Start filling any large, plastic containers or sturdy boxes that you already own since you’ll need to take them with you anyway. If you can, pack electronics in their original boxes as this is always the best way to transport them. If you need extra padding for something, use pillow cases and sheets and blankets. This will consolidate space, save time and cut down on the amount of new packing materials you will need purchase.

  2. Get Recycled Packing Materials

    Ask your moving company if they provide recycled boxes and packing material for their customers. If not, just search Google and you should quickly be able to find a company that offers used boxes or packing material for sale. Lastly, remember to check with friends and family who may have some leftover moving boxes, tape or other packing materials from the last time they moved.

  3. Decide What Not to Keep

    Moving is a great opportunity to buy new furniture and decorations for your new home. Buying new items, even big ticket items, doesn’t have to overly expensive either. If you donate, sell or recycle your old furniture and other large items, you will cut down on your moving cost by not having so many items to move and by taking less time to complete the move. Add these savings to any money you’ve earned from selling your items, and all of the sudden new furniture seems much more viable.

    We also recommend having any antiques and collectables that you are considering parting with appraised first. Moving green is all about making sure to get the most out of everything you own, this includes the items you’re selling. You may be sitting on something very valuable and you should make sure you know.

An eco-friendly move isn’t hard and going through these steps will actually making your overall moving experience that much easier. Following these steps will help improve your move and the environment. For more tips and trick for residential and commercial moving, be sure to check our blog regularly.

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  1. Nice post on Eco-Friendly Moving Tips Recycle. Moving can be a great excuse to kick that hoarding habit and donate or recycle things you no longer need.
    Get the Right Boxes or Bins. Use Environmentally Friendly Packing Materials. Use Greener Transportation.

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