Moving from New York State to Florida

Moving from New York to Florida is a big move. It requires a lot of planning and time. As the owner of a moving company in Fort Lauderdale, I have many years of experience moving people in and out of Florida and have put this guide together detailing what you need to know about moving from New York State To Florida.

Similarities and Differences Between New York State to Florida

A New York State to Florida move is a big undertaking and it might seem like there are very few similarities between the two states. Learning how the states are similar and different helps you to not only discover more about your new home state but prepare yourself for your Florida move. They are 17 hours apart from each other. This distance makes it seem like are not only incredibly far away but that is very different when it comes to lifestyle. That’s why I have put this list together to show the similarities and differences between New York State and Florida.


Tourism: New York and Florida share the similarity of being many tourist attractions. With New York State boasting New York City, Times Square, Niagra Falls and Florida with Key West, Universal Resorts, Disney World and so much more. These two states offer plenty to do for everyone.

Geography: These states are both coastal states. Florida borders the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, while New York State borders the North Atlantic. Part of the culture of the two states is leisure activities centered around the water.

Historical Significance: Both of these states are great for history buffs and offer a lot of unique historical experiences. In New York State you can see Federal Hall, The Empire State Building and The MET. Florida has a wealth of historical treasures to see like Bonnet House, the country’s oldest town of St. Augustine, and the Key West Lighthouse.


Weather: While both are coastal states Florida’s temperature is so much warmer than that of New York with the average temperatures being 81 degrees in summer and 62.5 in winter this is compared to 72 degrees in summer and 27 degrees on average in the winter. This obviously contributes to different adverse conditions with hurricanes being part of everyday life in Florida and snowstorms hitting New York quite frequently.

Culture: Florida and New York are both culturally diverse states but it’s the populations that make them different. Florida is made up of immigrants from South America, Latin America, Caribbean immigrants, and people moving south from colder, northern regions. While New York is similar in its diverse populations, its two largest cultures are Americans of European origin and African Americans.

Cost of Living: Florida’s cost of living is lower than New York. This helps you save some money on your move with the average home cost in Florida being $348,000.00 compared to New York’s $741,000 according to Zillow.

Both states share differences with one another. They also share some similarities that might make it easier for someone new to the area to adjust.

How to Choose a New York To Florida Mover

Preparing yourself for a move is easier when you have the right moving company. Over my many years of experience I have gathered a few tips on how to choose the right moving company for your Florida move:

Check Licensing: Licensing is important not only for you but for your movers as well. Make sure they are licensed to handle your move by checking for their license at the bottom of their website.

FMCSA: The Federal Movers Database offers you a lot of useful information for about managers. You are able to see moving companies’ insurance information and the size of the fleet, and years in business all of which can help you during your search for a mover. Use the Federal Movers Database Tool to find out more information.

Decluttering: You want a mover that can help you declutter your home and sell, store, or throw away any unwanted things. It will save you money on your move and make the moving process simpler.

Take Complete Inventory: Make sure your items are protected. Inventory each item in case of theft or damage. Make sure to take plenty of pictures as well to prove their condition.

Moving with movers you trust is the best decision you can make. Go with a team of trained professionals who are licensed to handle all moves and can provide you with any of the special needs you require.

Packing Tips For Your New York To Florida Move

Sometimes packing for a move like this can be overwhelming. You never know how or what to do on such a big move. After many years of moving experience, I have collected a few tips that can help you with your packing. Use this shortlist of packing tips to help alleviate any stress you have when moving:

  • Pack Fragile Items In Separate Boxes: By packing fragile items in separate boxes you can cut down on breakages and damage to your items. Make sure they are well padded.
  • Don’t Rush: Rushing a move can make you careless leading to accidental dropping fragile items or causing yourself an injury. Instead, plan ahead and take it one box at a time.
  • Save Space: Cut down on the space needed to ship items by coming up with creative storage solutions for your move: Like storing socks in shoes or moving clothes with hangars attached to keep them organized and secure.

These tips should help you start your move off right. Moving with a mover you trust to handle your items is the best idea for all your moving needs.

Final Thoughts

With the right movers, you can be confident that you are getting the best service possible. Movers that are able to handle any inventory and are able to provide specialty moving services are the movers for you. A mover with many years of moving experience will serve you better on your New York to Florida move. Look for a fully licensed and fully insured moving company, with an A+ rating from the BBB. This will help you find the right movers for your New York to Florida Move.