Decluttering Your Home

Organized room and Bedrooms set
Are you getting ready to move to or from the Hudson Valley New York area? Do your feel like you house is filled with a few to many useless items? Here’s a few quick tips on how to get rid of the clutter before moving to your new home. After following these tips it should not only cut down on the things you needing to pack but also make the unpacking process that much easier. There is no better feeling than having a fresh start in your new home. Here are a few tips on how to declutter each room in your home in  15 minutes of less.


Start with your bedroom, your bedroom is your private space and likely one of the areas in your home that you spend the most time in. Like most bedrooms there are plenty of areas for excess things to hide like in the back of your closet, under your bed and even in your dresser. Start with your closet by taking out items that you know for certain you haven’t worn in the past year. Do the same with your drawers, you’d be surprised how many jeans, tank tops and damaged clothing you no longer wear that’s hiding in there. Clothing that is no longer being used that in good condition is ideal to give to your nearest donation center.


The bathroom will probably take the least amount of time to declutter because there are far fewer place for things to hid. In the bathroom id start with the hygienic products by getting ride of all empty bottles and do the same with the cleansers. It takes about 15 minutes to run through your entire bathroom and find the things you don’t seem to use.  Aside from getting rid of unwanted things you can also declutter your drawers and counter tops in your new home by adding drawer trays and extra cabinets to help free up your counter space.


Decluttering your kitchen starts with your fridge and cabinets you’d be surprised how many expired condiments, empty seasoning containers and bottomless tupperware tops are waiting to be discovered! The fridge is the first place to start, get ride of condiments that you don’t use, their taking up space. Also check your freezer many things get stored and forgotten in there for so long they become freezer burnt and no longer any good for consumption. Depending on how far your move some of your frozen items just won’t make through the trip. Before your move you’ll also want to begin matching your tuppawear tops with their respective bottoms, so you can weed out the ones that are no longer useful. Ask your self these 3 questions when declutching your kitchen. Do I own more than one of these? When the last time I used this? Will I ever use this? These three questions help you quickly decipher what should stay and what should go.

Front Room

Your front room is the first place a person sees when walking into your house having a clean organized and decluttering space gives off a great first impression to guests. Walk around your living and take everything that does not belong and sit it in a pile on the floor. Once everything is gathered take them one by one to their appropriate room and anything left over that is deemed useless put in the trash. Once You’ve gotten the things that don’t belong look at what’s left over. Are the left-over items useful? For example: Empty DVD cases, candles that are bunt out, books that you’ve already read and no longer want and old decorations.


Remember when decluttering your home ask yourself if these are items that your really need and be prepared to get rid of things that you’ve been hording for years with no real purpose. Items are easy to get attached to but remember there are something’s we need to let go of to have a cleaner clutter free home.