How to Move with Your Big Family

Any long distance, local or overseas move presents its own unique challenges. Coordinating a move takes time, planning and good advice from expert movers. When you’re trying to get a large family ready for a move, however, each step in the moving process must be handled with the utmost care. Preparing a large family to move into a new home may seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. If you know what to plan for, your family move can be just as easy and stress-free as moving by yourself. Here are a few key tips to help you get ready for your large family move.

Babysitter – If you have young children in your family, we highly recommend getting a babysitter during your move. Having a big family probably means you have a great deal of things to move and pack. In order to help your kids, avoid the hazards of moving, and to help get tasks done faster, try and see if a friend or family member can help by watching over them while you pack and coordinate with movers. Your kids will have more fun and you will be able to focus on getting their new home ready for when they return.

Pack Enough Clothes for a Few Days – Once you move into your new home, you’ll likely have to spend several days, maybe even a week or two, unpacking and organizing your home. The last thing you want is for your family to have to scramble around looking through several different suitcases and boxes in order to go about their daily routine. Packing duffle bags and small moving boxes full of essentials such as clothes and toiletries will help make the unpacking process easier. With the essentials all in one place, you can focus on unpacking in an organized, room-by-room manner without having to interrupt your regular daily lives.

Food Prep – Having meals planned out ahead of time will be a boon to you and your family when you’re going through the moving process. First make sure you stock on disposable plates and flatware so that you can get the dishes and kitchen utensils packed in a timely manner. Next, try to cook enough food the week before moving day to allow the family to eat leftovers during the days you’ll be packing and moving. Doing so will mean that you don’t have to wait until moving day to pack up your food and clean out the fridge. It will also cut down on the number of takeout and fast-food meals that your family has to eat while moving.

Make Sure All Phones Are Charged – Being able to communicate quickly and efficiently is vital to having a smooth move. Make sure that all family members who have a cell phone charge it the night before moving day. A fully charged phone can shave hours off your move by allowing family members to talk and text, track weather and traffic, get directions and a host of other useful applications such as distracting young children during the trip to the new house.

When you’re getting your big family ready to move, nothing makes things go more smoothly than a well thought out plan. If you follow these simple moving tips, your family will be enjoying your new home in no time. For more moving and storage tips, make sure to check out our blog page for the latest advice.